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When rule is to keep the phone in flight mode, then how did Facebook live from the crashed plane?

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72 people died due to plane crash in Nepal on Sunday. A video regarding this is also becoming increasingly viral, which is being told of this flight. According to the report, in this, a young man was making the video of the flight’s landing live on did Facebook live from the crashed plane? Now the question is going on in the mind of many people that does the signal come in the flight?

72 people have died in a plane crash in Nepal. This accident has shaken everyone. A video has surfaced which is being told of this accident. In the viral video, the deceased was livestreaming the landing of the flight on Facebook and the plane crashed. After coming to the fore of this video, the question is coming in the mind of many people, does the signal come during the flight journey or is it necessary to keep the phone in flight mode?

Here all the questions are being answered one by one. This will clear all your misconceptions. Many people are asking, does the signal come in flight? If not, how did Facebook live from the crashed plane?

Can internet work in flight?

Internet connectivity is provided in many flights. Inflight Wi-Fi can be used to do things like internet browsing, checking social media, watching online videos. However, even in flights where inflight Wi-Fi is not provided, people use the internet at the time of takeoff or landing.

At the time of takeoff or landing, the flight is very close to the ground due to which mobile network is easily available. Many people use it to run the internet or do other things. In the video which is going viral now, the video was made at the time of landing itself. Means the deceased must have started getting signal in his mobile, due to which he was expressing happiness with his friends by coming live on Facebook, but he probably had no idea of ​​what was going to happen next moment.

From where did you get this video?

Until the live video of Facebook is shared, it is not shared on the profile. It is being said about this video that after the recovery of the phone, the video was recovered from it. While many people are arguing that someone did a video recording of the live.

However, the logic of video recording of live does not seem very correct because it rarely happens that you start recording a friend’s Facebook Live video. Second point, if it was a screen recording of the live video, then the number of viewers along with the live video is also visible in the video, which is not visible in this video. That is, the video has been recovered from the phone of the deceased.

How dangerous is not keeping the phone switched off or in flight mode on the plane?

You must have also heard the announcement in the plane to switch off or put the phone in flight mode during the journey. However, many people do not follow this guideline. In such a situation, can the phone not being in flight mode during the plane journey be the cause of a major accident?

The simple answer is – no. But, it is necessary to use it for safety purpose. The phone signal can cause electromagnetic interference which can become a safety hazard. It can also cause disturbance in the radio altimeter.

Can 5G signal be a danger?

Using the radio altimeter itself, the pilot obtains information about the height of the flight. However, keeping one or two phones on does not make any significant impact. But, if everyone’s phone is on, then the pilot may face a slight problem in the signal of the radio altimeter.In a news of Reader’s Digest, pilot Ryan has been told that if there is a 5G phone in the flight and it is not in flight mode, then it can cause a big problem. This can create a possibility of sending wrong signals to the radio altimeter antenna of the airplane. This may possibly give an incorrect indication of the altitude of the airplane above the runway. Its result can be quite frightening.

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