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Those 20 Hindi words which sound local but are foreign! 99 percent people will not know

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Bharatendu Harishchandra had said – ‘One’s own language is the basis of progress, the root of all progress, without knowledge of one’s own language, nothing can be achieved.

It is everyone’s responsibility to be proud of the mother tongue. For this reason, today i.e. Hindi Diwas, Hindi speaking people celebrate this holy day with great pomp. But Hindi is such a flexible language that from time to time it has adopted words from other languages ​​in the same way as it has adopted its own words.

There are many such words in Hindi (Hindi Words That are Foreign) which we use daily. But there will be 99 percent people who do not know that they are not of Hindi but of other languages. Today we are going to tell you about 20 such words, which are actually foreign but sound desi.

You might have used this word to know the meaning of something, but do you know that meaning is actually an Arabic word?

Crores of people in India are fond of tea, but they would hardly know that tea is actually a Chinese word.

Take rickshaw only. People use it from small towns to big cities but hardly anyone knows that rickshaw is a Japanese word.

We use the word fresh to describe food items and even air as pure. This is a Persian word.

The word towel is Portuguese. From now on, whenever you use a towel, you will keep this in mind.

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