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Bail Pola 2023: ‘Bharat Pattern’ came to life and Kiran Appa made the crime scene forever.

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Bail Pola 2023 : India has done for me what a human cannot do. This bull gave me a new life. Not just given, but taught to live in a good way, these are the sayings of Bullock Cakt owner Kiran Appa. Today is the bullpen.

In Vidarbha and Marathwada, Bull Pola is celebrated on a large scale during the month of Shravan. Today on this special day we are going to learn about one such bull.

Which has made its owner’s life really ‘beautiful’. Kiran Appa’s Bharat Bull of Shalgaon, Kadegaon in Sangli is famous throughout the state. Mangde Tatya’s pairing with Sundar is famous in Maharashtra. We are going to know how this India changed the life of its owner Kiran Appa.

Kiran Appa has many bulls for racing. They also have a Mysore Wazir, Yogi, a target of seven lakh rupees, and a bull that won three and a half hundred finals. Currently they have 7 to 8 bulls. Those who are maintaining one or the other ground. How is Bharat Kiran Appa’s Life Changing Bull Bharat is a strong and muscular bull. Their thighs, cuts are like a nimble horse.

What is special is that this bull has no neck. This linear India has become the darling of all Maharashtra. There is no ground where India has not taken the lead. So many changes took place in my life.

I improved 100 percent, I consider this bull coming in my life as a turning point, if it wasn’t for him I might have reached a worse situation, but India came into my life and I improved a lot, my financial condition improved, says Kiran Appa proudly. (Bail Pola 2023)

India spends 15 thousand in a month.

We have treated India as a member of the family. So spending on him is like spending on a younger brother. I can never forget what he did for me during my bad times. Kiranappa’s wife gave birth and India helped like a younger brother to pay the hospital bills. Having a son is a big deal. Kiran Appa also informed that during that time I paid the hospital bill only from the amount won by India.

When India got hurt…the bull could not run due to the injury sustained during the race. Then Kiranappa raised the bull in four days. done The bull was also treated with medicine and rubbed by a knowledgeable person, as if the leg of a householder had been injured. The bull then hit the field on the fifteenth day and drew the first number.

(Festival) Bharat-Sunder’s famous pair A pair became famous in the race field, that of Bharat-Sunder. People flock to the field to see how the pair are running. The whole village loves ‘Bharat’. If the bull wants to gallop for you, you should do the same for him. Just dosed and fed doesn’t mean it’s done. So, give life to a bull, it will not hesitate to give its life for you, says KiranAppa’s experiences. (Shravan 2023)

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